Chris was given this office in the chambers he shares with quite a few other barristers two years after officially being able to practice law himself, unsupervised. It was a rather large change, given that his previous office was more the size of a closet and had so little room he could barely fit his desk in it, let alone his files, books, and other research materials. In fact, he had to resort to magical enlarging cabinets to keep his file folders in so that they wouldn't get disorganized and a bookshelf that rotated through space, offering him as much space as he needed. It worked well until he needed something that was in the middle of the other side of the rotation.

The desk is made of mahogany, a dark hardwood, and the chairs were made to match. The oriental rug is in dark reds and blues with gold accents and rich, saffron coloured tassels. His bookshelf is also made of mahogany and, while it also utilizes the magical rotation, he doesn't need to actually use it just yet. The art that decorates the wall facing his office is actually not one massive piece, but groupings of several different pieces, mostly photography, still-lifes and the like. He prefers either very brightly coloured inanimate objects or people in black and white. He actually quite likes seeing families in black and white, but he only has one photograph of that and it's of a mother with her son in a stroller - he doesn't know the family and he prefers to keep it that way. There is one picture that sits on his desk, of his own family, just before he left Hogwarts. The sun is shining brightly, his parents are both smiling, and his brother is standing beside him, grinning like an idiot. As you can probably guess, the drinks cabinet is made of mahogany as well. The main feature of the office, the one that pleases Chris most, is the size of the windows behind and beside his desk. No matter what the weather is, the curtains are always drawn back. If something is bothering him, Chris is likely to be found with his hip propped up against the drinks cabinet, staring out the window. The final feature of the office is the massive plant situated in the far left-hand corner. It's really there for a bit of colour, to off-set all the darker shades in the room. The walls are a light tan.