Saturday, September 1

Bellatrix, Wayne, Kirill and Hannah in the Apothecary during the storm.

Rodolphus, Andromeda, Nidra, Michelle and Jaden in the Leaky Cauldron during the storm.

Harry, Guinevere, Millicent, Marcus, Fred and Liam in Quality Quidditch Supplies during the storm.

Fleur, Susan, Tonks, Sam and Royce in Flourish and Blotts during the storm.

Blaise, Emma, Lisa, Padma and Ginevra in the Cauldron Shop during the storm.

Hermione, Megan, Seamus, Adrian and Goyle in Ollivander's during the storm.

Ron, Malcolm, Sidney, Lavender, Severus and Justin in Madam Malkin's during the storm.

Draco, Glenda, Molly, Stephen and Marian in Borgin and Burkes during the storm.

Neville, Fenrir, Seren, Angelina and Ernie in Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

Zach, Jack Harper, Daphne, Mandy, Bill and Viktor in the magical Junk shop during the storm.

Chris, Theo, Kaelin, Charlie and Remus in Gringotts WIzarding Bank during the storm.

Sam and Tonks decide to find out what's going on.

Sunday, September 2

Fenrir gets to know Marcus a bit better.

Monday, September 3

Malcolm sends Tonks what he found in the vial of 'water'.

Tonks tells Remus about the Veritaserum.

Tonks reacts to finding the note from Malcolm - she tells Harry she's quitting.

Sam tells Jaden about the Droogs meeting

Nymphadora and Andromeda have a mother-daughter talk.

Zach asks Draco to have a chat with him - with the idea that he might be able to advise on a case that Smith really shouldn't be poking his nose into

Sam and Fred have a meeting of the Droogs (as well as other criminals) to let them know their plans- Pansy (as Natalie Hawthorne), Millicent, Wayne, Michelle (as Lawrence P. Artemis), Harry (as Jonny) and Seamus, among others, in attendance

Pansy and Millicent have a drink after the Droogs meeting.

Tuesday, September 4

Michelle, Zach and Nigel search the Thames near the Tower of London.

A message is sent out to everyone who signed allegiance at the meeting the other night

Hermione shows Moody what she found at Ollivander's during the storm.

Michelle does some work in the office and is joined by Daphne and Marcus

Draco asks Bill for some help with putting new wards up on Malfoy Manor.

Seren asks Wayne for help with organizing her books.

Seamus and Sam have a discussion.

Samuel chased Quentin down for a meeting and got Marcus as well.

Wednesday, September 5

Sam and Nymphadora have lunch together.

Nymphadora finds out why she's been sick and bumps into Bill afterwards

Ron sends Justin rain boots.

Padma and Sam meet and talk.

Malcolm wants to make sure Bill is all right after the full moon.

Padma and Bill reunite.

Marcus has a question for Quentin Trimble regarding Sam.

Marcus asks Wayne for help.

Seamus asked Wayne for a rain check and that's what he is getting.

Fenrir lets Marcus know he's found of the boys.

Fenrir finds one of the boys who used to torment Marcus during school. (NC-17)

Thursday, September 6

Padma works on a few things and has a strange dream.

Conrad Bulstrode and Patience Hargreaves visit an empty grave.

Wayne helps Marcus distribute the Gehenna given to him by Quentin.

Bill and Padma hijack Ron's apartment, have dinner, and discuss things related to curses before falling asleep together.

Friday, September 7

Nymphadora tells Remus she's pregnant.

Seren and Victoria bump into each other.

Ron and Ginny go shopping.

Jaden asks Ron out.

Padma sends an owl to Sam asking when they can test the charm bomb.

Michelle has a discussion with the 'Two Lieutenants', Emorie Tilden and Thomas Ménard

Saturday, September 8

The Daily Prophet : Charm Bomb Rocks Little Hangleton

Owls are sent out to all media sources about the bombing of Riddle Manor.

Jaden wants to talk to Sam.

Harry owls Nymphadora for a reason as to why he found out she was pregnant by reading Remus' latest journal entry.

Core members of the Wizarding Underground have an emergency meeting.

Sam apologizes via owl for not seeing Harry the night before.

Ron and Jaden go on an awkward date.

Pansy's mother sends Pansy an owl begging her to respond.

Sam sends Pansy an owl asking to talk.

Marcus and Zach try to find a Muggle in an opium den

Zach goes to see Seamus at his flat.

Having taunted Fenrir, Wayne accepts his punishment so Marcus won't have to. (NC-17)

Sunday, September 9

Sam and Harry have a conversation about Fenrir and the factions at a zoo in South Africa.

Tonks asks Lisa to be her Maid of Honor.

Seamus asks Zach to test his hangover cure

Harry owls Liam, Ron and Remus

Wayne asks Sam for help after his encounter with Fenrir.

Remus asks Harry to be his best man.

Emma and Zach go for a drink.

Monday, September 10

Blaise attempts to seduce Susan.

Chris owls Zach, Jaden and Harry

Tonks sends an owl to Adam Potter

Harry asks Hermione for help

Ron is asked to be Zach's therapist

Ernie and Justin break up

Ernie owls Zach

Tonks and Harry talk about Sam - until Harry bludgeons her with pillows

Ron and Hermione finally make up after Ron rescues Hermione from Fenrir.

Wayne lets Rodolphus know he has information on Pansy

Tuesday, September 11

The invitations to Remus and Tonks' wedding are sent out

Sam wants to meet up with Pansy

Sam and Pansy discuss a number of things - including murdering Fenrir.

Justin owls Susan

Seamus owls Zach

Ernie needs a place to stay after the break up and Zach has a couch.

Shelly and Zach have a meeting at Shelly's flat.

Harry owls Sam

Sam owls Tonks

Knowing what Marcus and Wayne have been up to, Fenrir plans on punishing Marcus.

Wednesday, September 12

Awkwardness between Zach and Susan.

George returns home.

Neville plans on pampering Draco.

Angelina and George reunite with drinks.

Ginny owls Molly

Ron asks Ginny how easy it is to get away with murder

Thursday, September 13

Wayne gives Rodolphus some information on Pansy.

George and Ginny seek a Hangover Cure and some answers.

Friday, September 14

Seren owls Mandy about plans she and Harry have made regarding Remus and Tonks' wedding

Remus tells Tonks of his birthday present to her

Harry sends Tonks an angry letter and refuses to give her her birthday present (partially because he doesn't have anything for her)

Sam sends Tonks a birthday present

Marcus wants to know if Fenrir hurt Wayne

Chris and Zach go stargazing.

Saturday, September 15

Ginny extends an invitation to Fleur

Harry wants to meet with Michelle

Harry badgers Michelle to find out how she found out about the Droogs.

An owl is sent from the Droogs to media sources

The Droogs attack an 'abandoned' orphange, resulting in the death of Everett Miller. (NC-17) --Everett sends a patronus to Emorie about the attack

Emorie Tilden informs Michelle of Everett's death

Marcus and Wayne have a talk in an opium den.

Sunday, September 16

George pulls a prank on Harry at the behest of Ginny.

Harry owls George about the porridge in his garage

Tonks, Hermione, Ginny, Seren and Mandy go shopping for Tonks' wedding dress.

Chris and Jaden have lunch.

Seamus owls Sam about the previous night's attack

Sam asks Jaden to stop ignoring him

Millicent and Sam meet to discuss attacking the Lestranges

Sam asks a favor of Malcolm

Hermione goes to Harry's new house to cheer him up after everything that has happened.

Ron and Justin run into each other.

Liam IDs Everett Miller's body for Kaelin

Ginny goes to see Liam even though he isn't letting anyone in.

Blaise sends Susan roses

Monday, September 17

Rodolphus and Bellatrix chat about the future of the Death Eaters, the Droogs and Pansy.

Rodolphus arranges a meeting with Pansy

Sam wants to meet with Seamus before Wednesday

Liam gives Kaelin the explanations that he had promised her.

Fenrir flushed Marcus' femfendar down the toilet and he's upset.

Tuesday, September 18

Tonks gives Sam a driving lesson.

George 'kidnaps' Adam from daycare.

Marcus and Wayne run into one another while they're both out working. (NC-17)

Hermione is extremely angry at George for 'kidnapping' Adam and plans on letting him know that.

Wednesday, September 19

Malcolm tells Ginny and Tonks that he is going to follow Neville.

Harry sends Hermione a birthday present.

George owls Angelina about the previous night.

Michelle, Neville, Kaelin and Jack come across a dead body left on the steps of the Ministry.

Sam and Millicent attempt to end the conflict between Death Eaters, ex-Death Eaters and the Droogs - by trying to kill Bellatrix.

Bellatrix owls Rodolphus about the attack

Rodolphus goes home to check on Bellatrix.

Pansy helps Sam and Millicent after they get back from attacking Bellatrix.

Thursday, September 20

Guinevere and Sam meet for the first time and open the letter from Pansy.

Tonks and Remus discuss the latest things going on at the Ministry that pertain to Remus - particularly his not receiving Wolfsbane any longer.

George goes to see Ginny after hearing she's floating after taking a Puking Pastille.

Sam asks Lawrence P. Artemis if he's seen the news about the latest bombing.

Pansy meets with Rodolphus because of suspicions raised against her.

Pansy, feeling more like the girl she was between '98 and '99, tortures a muggle man. (NC-17) --Muggle newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph' reports on it on both Friday and Saturday.

Pansy returns home and finds Sam waiting for her.

Rodolphus and Bellatrix get a 'present' ready for Sam that is left on Pansy's doorstep.

Friday, September 21

Sam asks for Harry's help in relation to his 'present'

Sam and Harry bury the body of the girl Rodolphus left for Sam.(NC-17)

Dora wants Harry to explain why he dropped Adam off so early in the morning.

Susan and Michelle discuss a cold case.

Saturday, September 22

Neville owls Rodolphus regarding plans for their duel.

Wayne sends Marcus a photograph

Hermione asks Viktor to be her date to Remus and Tonks' wedding.

Sunday, September 23

Seamus wants to know how Sam is

Every wizarding publication in Britain receives an owl with a cypher.

Neville has some news to break to his grandmother Augusta.

Augusta Longbottom wants to know if Malcolm knew anything about the duel.

Hermione and Michelle discuss possible new members for the Underground.

Malcolm lets Ginny and Harry know he splinched himself while trying to follow Neville

Neville and Rodolphus have a duel to incapacitation

Hermione breaks into Ollivander's wand shop in the hopes of finding information.

Marcus and Wayne meet in a graveyard.

Monday, September 24

The Daily Prophet : Break-In at Ollivander's Wand Shop

Remus and Tonks finally talk after he has been avoiding her.

Malcolm and Augusta Longbottom discuss Neville, Draco, and a lot of other things.

Malcolm cancels his tea with Ginny

Rodolphus lets Draco know that Neville lost the duel

Millicent and Remus have a chance encounter (NC-17) *

Tuesday, September 25

Chris and Ernie bump into each other at Zach's flat while Ernie is about to leave for work.

Tonks goes to visit George at his shop.

Jaden and the Editor in Chief of the Silver Herald, Robert Scott, discuss the cypher and anonymous owl.

Jaden sends copies of the owl he received regarding the Cypher to the MLE

Harry (as Jack Lydon) lets Pansy know he has information on Daphne.

Harry (as Jack Lydon) and Pansy exchange information

Pansy wants to know why Millicent is avoiding her

Millicent owls Sam about Pansy's latest behavior

Wednesday, September 26

Malcolm owls MLE employees about the Cypher case

Pansy owls Moody about the information Harry (as Jack Lydon) gave her regarding Daphne

Marcus and Wayne meet up down Knockturn Alley - with Marcus suffering from Fem-withdrawal

Harry owls Hermione asking if she'll help rescue Neville

Hermione's father visits her in a dream

Thursday, September 27

Rodolphus makes a proposition to the French Minister of Magic.

Harry fills Hermione in on the plan to rescue Neville

Millicent 'takes care of' Elvira Bulstrode

Hermione owls Viktor regarding her going to help rescue Neville

Viktor goes to see Hermione and find out what has made her so upset.

Friday, September 28

Pansy has a dream about her future.

Harry gives Hermione's students a lecture on the Vice department.

Tonks asks Harry if she can move into Grimmauld Place

Tonks moves into Harry's after Remus fails to tell her what happened on Monday

Saturday, September 29

Marcus and Fenrir talk and keep distracted.

Harry goes to check out the Lestrange property.

Sunday, September 30

Harry owls Padma and Bill for help with getting the wards around the Lestrange property down.

Pansy takes care of Millicent after the full moon

The Daily Prophet : Divorcee Devoured

Remus owls Millicent wanting to know if she was safe during the full moon. *

Malcolm heals Harry's burns

Tonks and Howard Jeffries investigate Elvira Bulstrode's murder.

Millicent and Fenrir have a confrontation *

Pansy owls Sam wanting to talk

  • - this may or may not have happened or there have been changes as one of the players involved have left.