Below is a list of known friends, enemies and acquaintances of August San-Sebastien.

Abra Blount, daughter, in her 20s.
Abra was raised by her father alone from the time she was 13. She served as the model for many of his illustrations. She currently works as a waitress at a small restaurant in Sevensterre.

Rachel Kellor, art dealer, in her late 20s.
Rachel is known as one of the most driven young wizarding professionals in the city. Having opened her own art gallery, she patronizes underdog artists. She had known the victim since childhood, her father a buyer of much of his early collection.

Isaak Hu, layout artist for the Daily Prophet, 50s.
Isaak is one of August's best friends and went to Hogwarts with him. He changed the spelling of his name from Isaac back when August went from Gus to August in their teens. They had planned to be revolutionary artists but the marriage of Isaak to his wife, Cynthia, changed those plans. Hu began working at the Prophet and doing his art on the side. Gus and Isaak were known to have had a love/hate relationship due to August's jealousy of his friend who eventually did gain recognition for the art that became a "hobby" in later life.

Andrew Tyler, dilettante/protege, 20s.
Andrew was one of Gus' proteges who paid for lessons and helped support the artist financially. Others in the artistic circle that San-Sebastien ran in frequently joke about Tyler's unrequited crush.