What better place for the MLE to spend its time than the pub scene? (Okay, there are many better places but...) Below is listed descriptions of some of the pubs that wizards might spend time in while in London.

(Please note: Many of these may have been rechristened or fictionalized.)

The Flute & Flypaper Edit


A seedy old pub about five blocks' walk from Whitehall. It's a wizarding pub, run by an old couple (the Flutes- no one knows where the Flypaper reference is from) who have been in the same spot of London for as long as anyone can recall. It's a running joke that the building was destroyed in the earthquake- only no one noticed.

But the ale is cheap (in more ways than one) and it flows freely. The Flutes have been known to sport rounds for MLE officers when a major case has been solved and announced in the Prophet. They've also been known, however, to charge double when the Prophet claims the MLE is incompetent...

Harrow Edit


While a muggle pub, it is one tucked in a small corner of London and often frequented by halfblood and muggleborn wizards yearning for a break from floating shotglasses or a bad batch of butterbeer.

Clean, neat and known for serving the best sandwiches in town, this is a solidly middle class pub and aspires to be nothing more than that.

The Angel & Crown Edit


This is the wizarding pub that purebloods, Ministry superiors and social climbers frequent. This pub is extremely well-decorated, with tasteful interiors and often live music. It is a popular place to make connections and also to bring clients or people who need to be impressed.

Doxycide Edit


Doxycide is a wizarding dive bar five blocks south of the MLE. It's the shady sort of place people go to make less than legal transactions despite its proximity to a rather large number of Aurors. There is a general nautical theme to the various things that cover the walls and ceiling of the place, including a walrus penis bone on the wall behind the bar. The fireplace is connected to the Floo network and there is an alley out back for convenient and discrete apparation to and from the establishment. It's a rather cheap place to grab a drink, but there's a rule: Three ingredients or less, ice counts as an ingredient. The place doesn't carry any mixes so it's beer or straight liquor mixes.