Monday, October 1

Pansy asks 'Jack Lydon' (Harry) for help

The Daily Prophet : Shocking Developments: Scrimgeour Resigns! New Minister Installed!

A morning at work for Percy Weasley.

Ron and Justin have a late breakfast.

Tonks, Sam, Holly, Harry and Adam go to the zoo - without Harry and Sam knowing Tonks invited the other.

Elizabeth Anderson gives Hermione the case file on Mr. Ollivander's disappearance

Peter White promotes Percy to the position of Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic.

Rodolphus tortures Neville (NC-17)

Ernie tells Zach that Chris stopped by earlier in the week.

Chris picks up tickets to Seamus' Halloween party for a colleague.

Ginny heads over to Malcolm's flat for a talk.

Tuesday, October 2

Percy unintentionally breaks memo rules and Angelina has to go talk to him

Marian gives Kaelin lunch and they talk.

Pansy and Harry (as Jack Lydon) meet once again because Pansy needs help this time

Seamus and Zach go to dinner and a movie

Pansy goes to Millicent's flat because Millicent said she had something to tell her

Wednesday, October 3

Rescuing Neville --Details on what happened to each character

Thursday, October 4

Draco takes care of Neville following his rescue

Pansy goes to see Jack Lydon and instead finds out he's Harry Potter.

Friday, October 5

George and Malcolm meet up in Diagon Alley

Michelle goes over to Liam's place.

Saturday, October 6

Augusta talks to Neville about getting help

Michelle, Liam and Jack go to the fair.

Tonks and Harry have a night of watching Star Wars *

Sunday, October 7

Seren goes over to Harry's place for lunch

Hermione talks to her mother (Jane) about Viktor.

Monday, October 8

Percy yells at George for his package.

Kathryn Johansson gives James Klein the letter from Hermione

Marcus and Quentin Trimble meet up at a church

Tuesday, October 9

Michelle saves Denise Wagner (the substitute) from Hermione's class (or rather she saves the students from the substitute)

Wayne makes good on his promise to help Seamus

Wednesday, October 10

Violet Parkinson recognizes Light's rings and tells Pansy who they belonged to

Harry goes to Pansy's flat and she asks him to help her fake her disappearance

Thursday, October 11

Guinevere makes good on her threat and hexes Zach into a bubblegum pink tutu with a leotard and tights

Millicent discovers Pansy is missing

Friday, October 12

Violet and Timothy Parkinson learn of Pansy's disappearance

Millicent, missing Pansy, finds her cousin Guinevere instead

Wayne takes Ernie up on his offer and stops by his shop.

Penelope asks George for the open position of shop assistant.

Michelle asks Moody about the Donnelly case

The Daily Prophet Late Edition : Young Death Eater Disappeared, Believed Dead

Harry gives Michelle the rings back

Saturday, October 13

Remus and Tonks get married --The Couple --The Feasters --The Children --The Loners --The Dancers --Edge of the Forest/Woods

Pansy tells Sam everything that has been going on with her recently

Malcolm snoops around Pansy's flat.

Sunday, October 14

Ernie and Zach have an early morning discussion.

Angelina, George and Harry reminisce after seeing a Hogwarts Quidditch match

Violet Parkinson tells Amy Davis (Pansy) that they won't be continuing with the portrait

Millicent and Malcolm fight with unexpected results

Wayne and Marcus meet up to discuss a number of things

Monday, October 15

Zach teaches Hermione's students.

Zach and Neville have a chat at St. Mungo's

Pansy asks Seamus for a job

Tuesday, October 16

Hermione visits her father's grave.

Hermione and Harry have a talk at Alexandra Park.

Wednesday, October 17

Marian comforts Kaelin

Millicent visits Ginny

Thursday, October 18

Pansy goes to see her parents (as Amy Davis) and winds up telling them the truth.

Friday, October 19

Hermione tries to find out more about what happened to Mr. Ollivander and winds up trapped.

Saturday, October 20

Draco is attacked by a stranger at Madam Malkin's.

Malcolm begins to blackmail Harry.

Ernie and Zach go on a date

Sunday, October 21

Zach and Shelly mind Zach's family

Neville is freaking out over Draco's attack and Harry is there for him.

Fred Weasley is killed

Monday, October 22

Susan Bones investigates Fred's body with Emma.

Angelina goes to see George after learning he is okay.

George reacts to Fred's death

Sam tells Pansy the truth about Woodpecker after she tells him there are two George Weasleys

Tuesday, October 23

Jane Granger asks Viktor his intentions regarding Hermione

Pansy contemplates life and remembers the man she knew as Woodpecker

Sam goes to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and runs into George

Wednesday, October 24

Thursday, October 25

Angelina brings George dinner

Friday, October 26

George and Percy prepare for Fred's funeral

Penelope and Malcolm meet in the Apothecary

Sam and Harry have a conversation

Saturday, October 27

Appleschmear at Moon Manor

Millicent and Remus meet up in the woods the night before the full moon (NC-17) *

Sunday, October 28

The Daily Prophet : Young Woman Missing - Family Fears for Her Life

Sam and Seamus discuss the future of the Droogs

Orla beats up some would-be thieves

Ernie and Zach take a drive up to Liverpool but get stopped by a mysterious man with a gun - Zach is shot

Marcus and Wayne share some Fem and conversation

Monday, October 29

Susan and Megan have lunch

Orla meets with Sam

Tuesday, October 30

Wednesday, October 31

Pansy and Millicent have a fight that could ruin their friendship

Pansy asks Sam for help and apologizes

  • - this may or may not have happened or there have been changes as one of the players involved has left.