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Wands and Order is not reopening until July 2009.


One body. Encased in stone.

A slender hand is found reaching out of a block of concrete at a construction site in London. A worker runs to call the police and hours later, with sirens flashing and the static of radios echoing through the streets, there are no answers, only more questions. The victim is a woman of wealth and distinction, obviously tortured before her death- however, the concrete was not poured around her body. Instead it is as if she appeared inside of it. The authorities are perplexed but they're running out of time.

The year is 2004. The crime was committed on the site of a slowly rebuilding Parliament. England wants answers- answers where there are none to give.

But that is because they are muggles.

Behind the scenes, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic has sprung into action. They know what the public does not-the killer has struck before and will strike again.

Wands and Order

Wands and Order is a role-playing game set in wizarding London in the year 2005, as the second war is just ending and the world is recovering from the blows struck by Voldemort. This game is centred around the Ministry of Magic, focusing in particular on the struggles of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and those who work with it as they solve cases, crack clues and try to re-establish and reunite a world torn apart by war. This wiki has been created to allow players the ability to add to and complement this world with settings, history, ideas and characters of their own. We welcome new influences. To be added as a contributor to this world, please email the moderators at Modmail

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