Family of Seren Fawcett

Michael Fawcett Edit

Michael Fawcett is a 51 yr old British pure-blood. He owns and works in a leather works shop doing both custom and more generalised clothing and products made of various types of skins including dragon, cow, lamb, doxie, and more. This is the family business started in the 1500's and has been passed on to the eldest Fawcett male with rare exception ever since. Michael intends to hand the business down to Seren, not Madoc, when he passes away as she'd be able to see to it better and more happily. He is happy, good-natured and likes to thwart his family's bickering by distracting them from arguments when he feels they've said all that needs to be said. He's rather fond of the fact his daughter took more to prying open dead animals than she did to chasing boys, even if she has gone off and eloped with one without telling him until days after.

PB: Mandy Patinkin

Sian Fawcett Edit

Sian Fawcett is a 48 yr old Welsh pure-blood. She is a historian by profession, specialising in wars and battles. Sian is where Seren gets her intelligence from, though unlike her daughter most of her thoughts are kept quietly in her head, where they belong. Welsh was her first language and saw to it that both her children could speak the language. She's still disappointed Madoc didn't retain any of it beyond the age of approximately four and a half. She is kind and patient but also rather analytical. She believes nothing without seeing it first herself. That does not mean she is wholly unaccepting. Instead she chooses to reserve judgement whenever possible until she may survey something herself, such as Graham Pritchard.

PB: Marcia Cross

Madoc Fawcett Edit

Madoc Fawcett is a half-British, half-Welsh 31 yr old pure-blood. The eldest Fawcett child works in the MLE as an Auror in the Arsons department. He has unhealable scars on his arms, torso and the left side of his face and neck from fighting in the war. He is, generally, a rather pleasant and happy guy to be around. He is friendly and chatty with most everyone. He is, however, a rather fiercely protective older brother despite not being close enough in age to Seren to have actually enacted this through much of her life. He is currently busy plotting his brother-in-law's untimely demise for making her cry.

PB: Tuomas Holopainen