Saturday, 1st December

Ernie and Zach argue over circled advertisements and their relationship.

Harry and Dora go Christmas tree shopping. Or, rather, one decides to embarrass the other.

Chris and Beth discuss their partnership and share information.

Seren and Harry have a discussion about the addiction that is shagging sheep.

Sunday, 2nd December

Jaden and Terence Higgs meet and talk.

Jaden and Chris talk and bicker.

Monday, 3rd December

Beth and Luce hunt down wizarding criminals.

Nadia Burke and Neville meet and talk.

Orla's got a craving.

Charlie is chopping wood and Roger is passing by. The two converse.

Graham is assigned to infiltrating Wizards for a Better Future, a protest group that has been causing problems.

The poison Orla gave Marcus hits his friend instead, killing him. Marcus calls Wayne over for help.

Tuesday, 4th December

Wednesday, 5th December

Luce watches the people.