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History Edit

The Beginning Edit

Started by a small group of Hogwarts students after the official declaration of war in 1998, the Wizarding Underground was originally a student-run war support group.

Despite the fact that war had already been raging for years, the official announcement changed everything. Students now looked at their books as possible weapons as they trained for war. The constant grind of learning for combat became routine and daily reports of casualties and attacks had started to take a toll.

The group - started by then-Gryffindor seventh year Michelle Moon - was an open forum for members of all houses to discuss current events and their reactions to them. The bi-weekly get-togethers would take a different tone in early May of 1998 after the murder of Michelle's father Frank Moon - an Order member and the News Editor of the Daily Prophet.

In late April 1998, Michelle Moon recieved word that her father had been killed by Death Eaters while visiting friends in Leeds. The news of her father's death came as a shock to her and Michelle threw herself into training. All the while casualty reports and gossip over future targets of attacks ran rampant through the castle - causing unrest among many students who were stuck within the walls of Hogwarts.

In early May 1998, a meeting was called of the original six members of the war support group. That night, Michelle Moon and Nigel Hensley of Gryffindor, Emorie Tilden of Slytherin, Porter Ferier and Damien Elliot of Ravenclaw and Emily Sands of Hufflepuff gathered together to discuss the latest on the war. Over the next couple of hours they came to the realization and the consensus that there was too much training, too much death, and no one to do anything about it. Aurors were in need and people died every day... Something needed to be done... The Ministry, although trying to help, could not be everywhere at once. It was impossible, resources were spread thin as it was.

It was then that Michelle made a proposal.

This late night conversation in a classroom on the sixth floor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would eventually lead to a turning point in the war. It would be remembered as the night the Underground was formed (although they did not have a name yet).

The Early Days: The Unnamed Evacuators Edit

The original task of the group - later known as the Wizarding Underground - was to help evacuate wizards from highly dangerous areas and get them to safety.

Making excellent use of the many secret passages in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the six students began sneaking out under cover of darkness. Now counting as an adult under Ministry law, the group began carrying out evacuations of witches, wizards and muggles via portkeys Michelle made. The survivors of these attacks would be portkeyed to safety - sometimes to Moon Manor (the Moon family home in Manchester, England) for safety. The trick with these evactuations was the gathering of intel from within the walls of the school. Going heavily on rumors and whispered information, the students would portkey to sites of attacks - normally smaller attacks - where the Ministry was too spread out to help.

Throughout these excursions, the war-support group itself was continued - students continued to come together to alleviate their nerves. Among the students who joined this growing group was Ginny Weasley, who was soon brought into the circle of the evacuators - staying within the school walls gathering intel and dealing with logistics.

This operation became slightly more efficent when Michelle's uncle Liam Moon found out about the group during a trip to see his niece (after getting a letter from Minerva McGonagall that his niece [who was now in his care] about her now-poor performance in classes).

By the time the class of 1998 graduated, the group of students - still without a name - had grown from the original six students to twelve. The members and what they did was kept secret among the members - which now included (in addition to the students) several adults and friends of the family recruited by Liam Moon.

When Michelle graduated in 1998, the younger members of the group - with the understandable exception of Ginny - made the decision to follow her - the students left Hogwarts and took up residence in Moon Manor. (This move was frowned upon not only by Michelle but also by her uncle - because of this a tutor was hired to complete the schooling of the older students and continue the education of the youngers)

But this was only the beginning...

Going 'Underground' Edit

After several years of evacuations and assisting survivors of attacks, the group had come to the attention of the, Dark Forces. In 2000, when the attacks turned against muggles, the group went underground. By this time the group had evolved from a small group of students to an organize operation. Taking themselves out of sight, they became the Wizarding Underground, a secretive underground railroad (of sorts) which did what the Ministry could not. Members now took codenames in hopes of keeping themselves, their families and their work safe.

The Underground had by this time expanded into France and beyond, gathering contacts and safehouses in Bulgaria, France, and other places in the grasp of the Death Eater army. While the mission never changed, the members of the Underground would conduct muggles and wizards to safety, their operation had expanded. The most dangerous missions were freeing muggles from Death Eater captivity, where they were used for experiments.

With the help of her uncle, a radio personality for the WWN, who funneled messages through his program in code, and many other contacts they made, the organization freed Muggle and Wizard alike. Muggles who "disappeared" were not always killed. Those who had been rescued were brought to Moon Manor in Manchester, England where they were hidden and recovered until it was safe to return.

The membership in the Wizarding Underground had expanded from the few to an expansive network, including many friends and aquaintances of the original members. Not all of these individuals were involved in actual operations - many allowed the evacuees to stay with them in safety; a large amount of the evacuated persons were brought back to Moon Manor.

During the war, Moon Manor - which had been given the codename Haden's Gate - became a hub of activity with Muggle, Wizard and Witch alike living under one roof and surviving. Everyone had a job and all would carry that job out. It was a community - thriving and surving together, out of necessity...

Unfortunately, despite their attempts to keep their activities a secret, the Death Eaters eventually found out about the organization. It was an inevitable event, given the Underground's task. Although the Death Eaters knew about the group, and in some cases knew the codenames of some members) they did not know the identity of its members. This lead to a price being put on "Light" (Michelle's) head.

In addition to the Death Eaters, the activities of the Underground also came to the attention of Alastor Moody. Moody left the now widely-connected organization to their work, but assisted where he could by passing intelligence on to the group... Intelligence which would be vital in their mission.

With the end of the war, the Wizarding Underground was no longer in as great a need as they had previously been. Despite the change in climate from war to relative peace, the secret was kept and new members were - when necessary - brought into the fold.

Current activities Edit

The Wizarding Underground is currently inactive, but has been referred to as the new Order of the Phoenix - the Order having unfortunately fallen apart after the death of Albus Dumbledore. At any time, the members of the WU can be called upon, should the need arise.

NPC Members Edit

Emorie Alena Tilden Edit

Emorie Alena Tilden

Codename: Juniper
Age: 22
Date of birth: May 29, 1982
Blood: Pureblood
Wand: 14", Hemlock, Asp's venom
Alumni: Slytherin - Never Graduated Hogwarts (Home schooled after 5th year at Moon Manor)
Occupation: Vice President & Board Chairman, Tilden and Ryler (the broomstick company that makes the Firebolt [among other models])
Mother: Alena Victoria Tilden
Father: Larson Anthony Tilden
Siblings: None
Home: Albion House, Snape, Suffolk
Misc: One of the original six (plus one), Emorie is one of the "Two Lieutenants" - nicknames given during the Second Wizarding War to her and Thomas Ménard because of their position in Light's inner circle of advisors.

(PB: Alyson Hannigan)

Thomas Ménard Edit

Thomas Ménard

Codename: Astor
Age: 31
Date of birth: September 28, 1974
Blood: Halfblood
Wand: 15" Cherry, Unicorn hair
Occupation: Healer - trained in Muggle and Wizarding medicine
Nationality: French
Misc: Thomas is one of the "Two Lieutenants" - nicknames given during the Second Wizarding War to him and Emorie Tilden because of their position in Light's inner circle of advisors.

(PB: James Patrick Stewart)

Olivia Merkison Edit

Olivia Merkison

Codename: Ferris
Age: 34
Blood: Muggleborn

(PB: Adrienne Armstrong)

Foster Glickman Edit

Foster Glickman

Codename: Tap
Age: 45

(PB: Gene Kelly)

Grant Ku Edit

Grant Ku

Codename: Milen
Age: 28

(PB: Archie Kao)

Mason Sellers Edit

Mason Sellers

Codename: Ellis
Age: 45

(PB: Ice-T)

Tarnic "Nic" Vesper-Milles Edit

Tarnic Vesper-Milles

Codename: Friar
Age: 24
Nationality: English (moved to the States when he was 7)
Alumni: Salem Witches Institute (Salem, MA), Wardwell House, Class of 1998

(PB: Ross Hull)

Delbert "Del" Harris Edit

Delbert Harris

Codename: Helios
Age: 17
Misc: Delbert was one of the leaders of a group of war orphans living in the old orphanage in London before it was blown up. After the incident, the children (who had been saved by Everett Miller and, unbeknownst to them, Sam Capper) were split up, except for Del, Gretta and seven-year-old Mary Orlena. He and Gretta work in a shop in Diagon Alley and are Mary's caregivers.

(PB: Jon Foster)

Gretta Mallian Edit

Gretta Mallian

Codename: Eos
Age: 17
Misc: Gretta was one of the leaders of a group of war orphans living in the old orphanage in London before it was blown up. After the incident, the children (who had been saved by Everett Miller and [unbeknownst to them]) Sam Capper were split up, except for Gretta, Del and seven-year-old Mary Orlena. She and Del work in a shop in Diagon Alley and are Mary's caregivers.

(PB: Florence Hoath)

Deceased Edit

Nigel Hensley Edit


Deceased - October 11, 2001
Codename: Hasper
Age: 19
Date of birth: February 2, 1982
Blood: Halfblood
Wand: 13", Birch, Unicorn tailhair
Schooling: Hogwarts, Gryffindor - never graduated (home schooled after 5th year at Moon Manor)
Misc: One of the original six (plus one) - Nigel was both a member of Dumbledore's Army and the Wizarding Underground. He was engaged to Michelle Moon. He died saving her during an operation on October 11, 2001 to rescue Liam Moon who had been captured. He is buried in the Moon Family Graveyard at Moon Manor in Manchester, England

(PB: Jerry O'Connell)

Everett Miller Edit

Everett Miller

Deceased - September 15, 2004
Codename: Glass
Age: 41
Blood: Halfblood
Occupation: Book publisher
Alumni: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ravenclaw - class of 1981
Patronus: Ibis
Misc: Everett Miller met Liam Moon when the boys were age 4 and 5 respectively. The two have been best mates for 37 years.

Everett was killed on September 15, 2004 when the organization - then known as the Droogs - blew up an the old orphanage in London where Tom Riddle used to live. Everett died a hero, risking his own life to evacuate the group of a dozen or so war orphans (who he had been helping survive throught the war) to safety. He used his body to shield the last child from the explosion as they apparated out of the building.

(PB: Michael Shanks)

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