Currently Played Characters Edit

Pure-Bloods Edit

Malcolm Baddock Hugo Becker Marcus Belby Sam Capper Jaden Dorny
Cornelius Fudge Jr. Daphne Greengrass Jack Harper Terence Higgs Neville Longbottom
Luna Lovegood Morag Macdougal Draco Malfoy William Moon Theodore Nott
Orla Quirke Christopher Warrington Charlie Weasley Fred Weasley George Weasley
Ginny Weasley Percy Weasley

Half-Blood Edit

Hannah Abbott Katie Bell Mandy Brocklehurst Millicent Bulstrode Nadia Burke
Marian Chambers Ariana dell'Uva (Seamus Finnigan) Vicky Frobisher Wayne Hopkins
Angelina Johnson Aidan Kiely Remus Lupin Ernie Macmillan Michelle Moon
Harry Potter Kingsley Shacklebolt Zacharias Smith Alicia Spinnet Elian Summerby
Josaphat Summers Nymphadora Tonks Romilda Vane Oliver Wood

Muggleborns Edit

Scott Alderton Roger Davies Emma Dobbs Kevin Entwhistle Justin Finch-Fletchley
Hermione Granger Ainsley Innis Andrew Kirke

Unknown Purity Edit

Raphael Crane

Muggles Edit

Petunia Evans Mary Kirke Elisabeth Ollerton Luce Tonks

Alter Egos Edit

Lawrence P. Artemis Andrew Kirke Odin

Deceased PCs Edit

Penelope Clearwater Seren Fawcett Graham Pritchard

NPC Family Members of our PCs Edit

Bode Family Bulstrode Family Holly Capper Chambers Family Dobbs Family
Fawcett Family Finch-Fletchley Family Johnson Family Kirke Family Malfoy Family
Celestia Nott Adam Potter Elisabeth Smith Warrington Family

Other NPCs Edit

Anchor Hall Regulars Aurors Antonin Dolohov Known Criminals Rodolphus Lestrange
Magisterium Alastor Moody Nigel Naisbitt Unspeakables Peter White
Wizarding Underground

Previously Played Characters Edit

These profiles are here for reference. They contain pieces of information and backstory pertinent to current played characters in the game. You may contact the mods or the player whose character it deals with to negotiate these items if you'd like.

Susan Bones


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