Game Canon: In October of 1998, Antonin Dolohov began to torture Pansy Parkinson after she tortured and killed his protégé Kamden Monahov. He was stopped before he could do too much damage by Lord Voldemort himself.

He became one of the most loathed Death Eaters to the members of the Wizarding Underground after torturing and killing at least twenty-four members of the organization between 1998 until the end of the war in 2003. There have more than likely been more that are unaccounted for. During a mission in October of 2001, Dolohov took Liam Moon hostage though he was rescued shortly afterwards. Unfortunately one of the members of the Underground who went to bring Liam back, Nigel Hensley, was hit with the Killing Curse after pushing Michelle Moon, his girlfriend, out of the way.

(PB: Martin Kove)