This statement given to MLE Potions Expert Malcolm Baddock by Wayne Hopkins.

For the Record:

The drug in question is is on the market as Drakesap, or Sap for short. It's made with Brazilian Mandrake Root and Venus Fly Trap leaves. It can be smoked, ingested, or injected--though the injection process is more complex and not really used.

To ingest it, sap is poured into the center of one of the leaves, then the leaf is folded into a square around it before it can leak out. Sap is rubbed along the folds to hold it together. It takes roughly twenty seconds and then the sap hardens. It's ready for eating then, and it takes about ten minutes before it hits. It's strong stuff, packs more of a punch than most muggle drugs.

Ingesting it gives a stronger, more intense high than smoking it and it's easier to. Smoking it will give roughly another hour and a half to two hours of the high. To smoke it, the sap is poured into the leaves but instead of folding it, it's rolled. Once it hardens, the end is lit and the rest is simple.

The woman who brought the stuff over from her travels, and who is working on growing it herself goes by the name of 'Lou'. She's about average height for a girl, average weight as well. Curvy, very pale skin, brown eyes, and long, straight dark hair with bangs--she always had on dresses of some kind when I saw her. She has a den on High Street, the address attached, and I first met her in her den in Knockturn Alley, a few storefronts down from Borgin and Burkes, that address is included as well. I'm not sure is she moved from one to the other, or if she still has both. I know she did keep her supplies for making sap in a safe in the corner of the Knockturn flat. She definitely doesn't live at either, but are just places for customers to come get high.

This information has already been passed on to Aurors, or it was supposed to, but she's involved in the murder of a man named Morgan Krauss. She gave a friend of his Sap laced with poison, intending the friend to be the consumer--she killed Morgan instead. The event occurred on December 3rd, time sometime in mid to late afternoon. As previously stated, the Aurors should already have this information, but the connection should be clear that this 'Lou' and that one are one in the same.

I fully affirm this is all that is known on that matter, and all true.


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